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Everything you need for a sustainable lifestyle

Next Solar delivers quality by providing high tech solar panels to satisfy customers and to create better sustainable lives. 

Get to know Next Solar and how we  plan on ensuring that quality is delivered all around the world.

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 What we provide

Solar Panels

Next Solar provides the widest range of solar panels. From monocrystalline to polycrystalline panels, from 300W power outputs all the way to 660W!, at Next Solar you find exactly what you want.

Solar Inverters

Whether on grid or off-grid,we have all kinds of cutting-edge solar inverters for your projects.

Solar Batteries

We have all types of batteries for solar systems from lead acid batteries to lithium batteries.

Mounting Systems

introducing Next Solar's mounting system for solar panels, we are aiming to provide sturdy mounts to hold your solar panels firmly in place.

Solar Panel Brands
Types of Inverters
Variety of Batteries

Our mission

To help create a sustainable environment for customers who wish to save on their investments in electricity.

Our values

We are determined to deliver quality consistantly through providing high quality products and services.

Our team

Our team consists of highly skilled and empowered people who wish to help our company achieve its milestones.

Solar PV is on course to account for 60% of global renewable power growth in 2022

Join us in making this growth exponential.